The Windows Azure platform as a powerful cloud operating system with the capability to drive and support specific needs, and host and manage them centrally. It essentially lays the foundation for running applications, networking and storing data on the cloud using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks. But that’s not all. Here is what all Azure can do for you -

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

It's IaaS + PaaS + SaaS

Windows Azure’s compute offerings encompassed all the three main categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This robust range of options allows you to custom tailor, build, manage and deploy any kind of solution, from operating systems to applications that fits your needs perfectly.

It’s best of both worlds

Microsoft Azure provides the cloud fabric with the best of both worlds. Its enterprise-proven hybrid solutions provides low-latency and high bandwidth in on-premises datacentres without extra complexity, and cloud-scale elasticity and burst capabilities of Windows Azure. Enjoy benefits that make your business economical, and efficient, both.

Hybrid Computing
Always up

It’s up and on, always

Build robust applications on enterprise tested platforms, with automatic operating systems and service updation, built-in network load balancing, and geo-redundant storage. Microsoft Azure provides it all, and that’s why more than half of Fortune 500 companies trust everything that Microsoft Azure offers.

It’s flexible and open

Microsoft Azure rich and flexible application model provides services, such as SDK’s, caching, identity and messaging. The versatile set of operating systems, tools, language and framework lets you write applications in .NET, PHP, Java, C#, Python, or even use open REST protocols. With support of both Linux and Windows ecosystems, you can build great applications and services that works with any devise.

flexible open
Without Boundary

It’s hybrid, without boundaries

Microsoft Azure’s hybrid model makes it easy for you to integrate your on premises IT environment with public cloud. Without the need to converting to a different format migrate your virtual machines, using its robust messaging and networking capabilities. Manage all hybrid application from a single console with the Microsoft System Center.

It’s scalable and economical

Add or remove resources from your application or platform as and when they are required. With Microsoft’s Azure stack comprises of multiple elements such as the web and worker roles, storage, queues, virtual networks with each element being individually scalable to match demand. Per minute billing and powerful infrastructure services such as compute, storage and bandwidth makes it economical.


What you can do with Azure

Build Core Infrastructure

Build Core InfrastructureDeploy Windows Azure to leverage the cloud without the need to redesign your existing application. Build and extend core infrastructure such as DNS, Active Directory, DHCP and Windows/ Linux VMs on to the Cloud. Migrate applications in a phased and secure manner without compromise on on-premises applications and data with full data control.

Develop Modern Applications

Develop Modern ApplicationsAzure’s capabilities help you build anything, from light weight websites to multi-tiered cloud services that can be scaled as your traffic grows. Deploy applications for Android, iOS and Windows and create and manage media in the cloud – everything from encoding to content protection, to streaming and analytics support.

Big Data and Actionable Insights

Big Data and Actionable InsightsRely on actionable insights from your big data to drive your next decision. Find advantage of a fully compatible enterprise-ready Hadoop service that leverages full power of SQL server on the cloud to cluster and analyse data.

Manage Identity and Access

Manage Identity and AccessAzure’s AD provides global scale access to centrally manage employee access and provide single sign-on to Microsoft services such as Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Windows Intune, and thousands of other non-MS cloud apps. Its multi-factor authentication protects sensitive company information.

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