When and where you need it. Comes with added bonus – a 1TB OneDrive Online Storage



Create your best work with completely reinvented design, research, and proofing tools – using keyboard and mouse or touch and digital pen.


Collaborate how you want and manage changes in shared documents whether you’re working offline, online, or simultaneously with others.


Work seamlessly anywhere with your favorite Office apps and pick up where you left off on any device.

Office Features

Gain Access, Virtually Anywhere

With Office 365, you can virtually hook on from anywhere, anytime, and through any device- be it a PC, Mac, Apple, Android or a Blackberry. Access E-mail, Excel, Word, Power Point, Calendar or Contacts that you need with the most secure and consistent experience. Even when not in office you can access applications or stream the live apps through any web-enabled device, and work and share information, documents and other tasks Office Web App or join an online meeting with Lync™ Web App.2

Power of Cloud Productivity to Businesses of All Sizes

Microsoft bring together the most organised communication tool, Office 365 empowering your business to a more collaborative work style – and helping save time, money and valued resources.

Microsoft has always been popular for its innovative offerings and cutting-edge approach. Fostered by this strong strategy from the technology giant, the Office 365 software acts as a single platform that connects resources through a strong communication web.

With this unique offering in place, organisations both small and big will involve into a productive pool of resources.

Office365 features

What you can do with Office 365

Be your data’s owner

Build Core InfrastructureTransparent operations and with over 900 built-in compliance controls, your data is safe, secure and running.

Up and running, always

Develop Modern Applications99.9 % uptime with 24/7 access to the actual development team for immediate resolution of all issues.

Comprehensive Solutions

Big Data and Actionable InsightsGain instant access to comprehensive solutions such as productivity applications, portals, extranets, external website, IM, voice, video, web and unified messaging.

Connect and Share... Anywhere, Anytime

Manage Identity and AccessWith Office 365, you can work efficiently as a team irrespective of your location. The smartphone-enable software lets you access and edit document offline and synchronize them back into the Team Suite.

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