Connected People, Connected Value

Organizations use SharePoint as a site-building tool that adds value to their business. SharePoint can be used as a secure place to store, organize, share and access information such as paper documents, brochures, presentations, electronic copies via email etc. from almost any device.

Save time and improve productivity by keeping your employees at their desks by using SharePoint to provide all the reference information that they need.

SharePoint Collaboration

Improve team flexibility

Create team sites or a designated workspace regardless of the physical location of the team members and regardless of who reports into whom.

Document-centric collaboration

Allow employees to collaborate around a document or policy, such as the HRM manual, using a document workspace.

Support for Meeting Workspaces

Set up and support meeting workspaces, individually or in a series with a central meeting point for all associates colleagues, attendees, agendas and action tasks.

Transparent Business Process Views

Document your business processes and let the whole company view and use them by putting them on a team site.

One Place

Bring out all inter departmental documentation, spreadsheets, policies or forms at one place, into SharePoint.


Adding Business Value with SharePoint

benefits Cost Savings

Cutting down on internal distribution like paper and documents saves time and money.

benefits Sense of Community

Use SharePoint to create a sense of community, e.g.: help for car-pools, new baby announcements, new hires, informal events etc.

benefits Unified Messaging

Use the SharePoint platform to create and share a common vision to your employees.

benefits Simplified Information Systems

Achieve improvements in information systems by the use of spreadsheets and Access databases.

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