Today, written words and numbers are everywhere, unending and ever-changing. In this world of infinite variety, visuals are still the best way to tell a story. In fact, visualization is more important than ever, because with all the information that’s available, it’s getting harder and harder to sift through the clutter to understand what’s valuable.

Today, visualizations are the only way to filter out the noise and see the signals.

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Some things do

Finding the signals in data has long been the realm of a select few. Not anymore. For one thing, it’s impossible for a small group of people to keep up with the amount of data that’s available, just as it’s impossible to keep up with the number of questions people want to answer.

It’s time to crowd-source innovation, harnessing collective expertise and using it on all that data and all those questions, so everyone can uncover insights.

Change for the better.

Getting to the data you want and answering the questions you have are possible when you have the right tool for the job.

You Like

Easy, engaging, and designed to help you to see what’s in the information you have. That way, you can learn from the data and add to it, creating visual stories to share with your friends and co-workers – anytime, any place.

Makes Sense

Uploading your data is point and click, seeing it is automatic and appealing, you can drag and drop things like you expect to, and rearrange things like you expect to. And everything works together – like you expect it to – so you can focus on finding insights.

Is Designed for Humans

Some days you know exactly what you want – you just need something flexible enough to help you get the job done. Other days you don’t know and need some guidance. On those days, your solution should help you unleash your inner explorer, to search and browse and discover

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Need to combine a crazy amount of different data sources?

Of course you do – including your own! The right tool connects different data sets for you so they’re easy to blend, and you can quickly tell what really matters.

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Tired of wrestling with your data?

Who isn’t? The right solution is visual, so you don’t have to decipher what’s in your data. Simply drag and drop attributes onto the screen to see new insights and create stories.

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Spent enough time slogging through spreadsheets?

See what you’ve been missing. Visualizations are connected by default, so you don’t have to do any work to get things connected – everything is ready to go when you are. Click to see related data automatically highlighted, to uncover new patterns instantly.

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Wish you had help?

Get a smart solution that’s search- and data-driven, to guide you through new and changing information, yet flexible enough to let you follow your own path when you know the way.

No barriers

When there are no barriers, it’s easy to combine your expertise with your data as fast as you can click.

That fast, fluid dialogue with your data makes it easy to see new patterns, spot new trends, and ask new questions.

Then share what you found and how you got there – live, as a dynamic analysis, so other people can understand and build upon it to tell their own stories, increasing your collective expertise and accelerating innovation. And do it all now, fast enough to make a difference.

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Built for you.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service is built for you. It’s simple to use, yet powerful enough to go the distance on your analytics journey. It’s designed to help you be innovative. And it’s affordable.

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