Septa AgilePlus ERP integrates essential business processes into a single system that enables information to flow easily through the entire organisation. It helps to overcome the problems normally associated with uncoordinated spreadsheets and databases by integrating all the business functions into a single, multi user system.

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  • Multi Company, Multi Location, Multi-Currency
  • Direct Integration with all modules
  • Open multiple fiscal year
  • Drill down to source transactions to view all components
  • Access the system anytime from anywhere through a web browser
  • Export all reports & lists to excel
  • Excel import facility in selected forms
  • Facility to set activity reminders or alerts
  • SMS & Email alerts for selected activities
  • Facility to attach documents related to each transactions
  • Multiple approval level for transactions
  • Onscreen search facility with in a listing
  • Branch wise access data restriction
  • Powerful MIS reporting
  • Role based access rights
  • Transaction log history can be viewed by an admin user
  • Tight Security
  • Linked transactions
ERP key features
  • Provides complete visibility of the entire organization
  • Fully integrated across all modules to eliminate re-keying and ensure data accuracy
  • Improves operational visibility and optimise resource allocation
  • Rapid customisation to match your particular organizational structure and processes
  • Good Return On Investment
ERP key benefits

AgilePlus General Ledger enables you to keep track of your financial information, with accurate reporting and provides a clear picture of the financial position of your organisation.

  • Defining the account number with a maximum of 20 characters
  • Structuring the account number as per your choice
  • Creating unlimited number of accounts
  • Creating multiple companies, divisions, departments and cost centres
  • Posting of journal to General Ledger only after verification
  • Modification of un-posted journals or corrective journals
  • Recurring Journal entries that recur monthly or as required
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash Handling
  • Post Dated Cheques Handling
    • Tracking and monitoring of PDCs
    • Sorting of PDCs based on customer, Bank and Month
    • Easy retrieval of PDCs on due date
    • PDC in hand, PDC Cancellation and Cheque Return
  • Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Contra Voucher
  • Cash Flow
  • General Ledger Reports
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Statement of Accounts
    • Trial Balance
    • General Ledger
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Comparative statements
    • Budgetary Control
  • Budget Management
    • Creates multiple budgets
    • Department wise budget creation
    • Budget vs. Actual Analysis
  • Job Costing
    • Creates Job number, title, client name, start date, finish date
    • Creates contract value, estimated expense and addition
General Ledger

AgilePlus Accounts Payable module provides a complete control over the accounts payable process. AgilePlus accounts payable increases your organization’s credibility and also enhances your ability to analyse payable positions.

  • Vendor Profile
  • Post Dated Cheques Handling
    • Name and address
    • Multiple contacts
  • Easy access to vendor and payment history
  • Payable invoice posting in local and foreign currency
  • Payment Voucher
  • Invoice wise set off
  • Drill down on balances for more detail
  • Supplier ageing reports
Accounts Payable

AgilePlus Accounts Receivable module helps you to manage receivables more effectively. It maintains a detailed record of settled and unsettled invoices as well as credit dues from the customer. Customer payment can be settled against invoices.

  • Vendor Profile
  • Customer Profile
    • Name and address
    • Multiple contacts
    • Credit days
    • Credit limit
    • Customer grouping
    • Commercial Registration number and expiry date
  • Receivable Voucher
  • Receipt voucher
  • Invoicing in local and foreign currency
  • Invoice wise set off
  • Drill down on balances for more detail
  • Customer ageing
Accounts Receivables

AgilePlus Inventory Management module ensures the successful planning and control of your inventory. It enables the supply of materials in right quantity at the right time to internal and external customers.

  • Vendor Profile
  • Catalog inventory items in Groups and Subgroups
  • Definable advanced properties of the items, such as reorder level, order quantity, minimum stock level, maximum level, maximum discount percentage, and purchase order required or not
  • Tracking of Expiry, batch and serial numbers
  • Handling of Warranty items
  • Support multiple Units of Measure
  • Material issue to Job
  • Facilitates alternate item setting for obsolete or discontinued items
  • Supports Bill of Materials
  • Support multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Stock Adjustment Voucher
  • Linked transactions
  • Generate barcode and print labels
  • Work with barcode scanner
  • Buy in one unit, sell in another. Set and apply conversion factor
  • Stock ageing, slow moving & dead stock analysis
  • Using Weighted average costing method
Inventory Management
  • Job Card
  • Material Issue
  • Job Delivery
  • Service Invoicing
Service Module

AgilePlus Purchasing module provides you with a complete control of your purchase from purchase requisition to material receipts.

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order generation
  • Multiple level approvals for purchase order
  • Multiple receipts against a purchase order
  • Supports material receipts in multiple location
  • Integrates to accounts payable and inventory control
  • Provides purchase history by item and vendor
  • Tracking of pending purchase request and purchase orders
  • Linked transaction
Purchase Module

AgilePlus Sales Management module comprises of contact management and sales order processing. It takes care of the process of order entry, order tracing, pricing, invoicing etc. diligently.

  • Enquiry registration and folowup
  • Generates multiple quotations
  • Multiple Price level settings based on cost, list price and customer wise
  • Discount options
  • Converts selected or entire items of a quotation to sales order
  • Facility to copy Sales order
  • Credit limit verification for sales orders
  • Keeps multiple customer contacts
  • Provides options to enter notes and attach documents for each order
  • Printing packing list feature
  • Pending Sales order and delivery tracking
  • Prepares delivery note from multiple sales orders
  • Invoice generation based on sales order/delivery notes
  • Support direct invoicing without sales order or delivery note
  • Summary Invoicing
  • Sales history by product and by customer
  • Integrates to accounts receivable and inventory control
  • Allow bundling of items
  • Customer wise item code description, barcode, unit sales rate etc.
Sales Module

Septa AgilePlus fixed asset module is designed to comprehensively manage, maintain, and control your business assets. Easily record and keep track of your individual asset from its acquisition, depreciation, asset transfer, asset service requirement, historical service records and asset custodian.

  • Asset Purchase
  • Asset Register
  • Asset location transfer
  • Asset custodian details
  • Depreciation settings
  • Sale of asset
  • Asset write off
Fixed Assets

Septa AgilePlus Production module helps you to manage your production activities more effectively. It keeps record of all transactions and helps you for an informed decision making.

  • Work order
  • Raw Material Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Production Costing
  • Quality Checking
  • Finished goods transfer to inventory
  • Byproducts & Scrap Management
  • Production cost analysis

AgilePlus retail module is user friendly and powerful software to manage retail business requirements. Highly flexible software by itself, it can manage the sale points very effectively on a day to day basis.

  • Sales using Credit, Cash and Credit Card
  • Refund or exchange of returned items
  • Separate login for each sale man at the counter
  • Invoice holding feature
  • Only Supervisor has the privilege for price change, hold, and discount
  • Counter closing feature
  • POS Invoice Cancel in Back Office (Admin user)
  • POS Lock Mode for intermediate break time of the user
  • Bundled item display
  • Duplicate bill printing feature
  • Item search with multiple filters
  • Promotion sales setting
Point of Sale

AgilePlus User Manager Module helps you to create users with different roles and rights.

  • Sets up multi-user access with various password restriction levels
  • Admin user can view user wise transaction history which is logged in the system
User Management

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